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Run Dropwizard with Gradle

In the previous Gradle series post we built Wrapper to execute Gradle tasks without installed version on your machine. It’s time to write some code and make our project useful. In this post Gradle will help us to start a web server.

To make it happened we need:

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Gradle Wrapper: build script in the box

To make project totally independent from the Gradle installation version and get all the benefits from the Gradle buildpath it is a good idea to generate Wrapper script and put it into the project.

This action will protect project developers before using different Gradle version on each development machine and make development environment setup easier for the new contributors.

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Setup Java project with Gradle

If you are searching a nice and easy to use tool to work with Java (or any other) project – Gradle was created for it. This is a perfect tool to execute standard operations, such as: compile source code, run tests and build application (jar file).

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